Heal Through Meditation: A Covid-19 Meditation Package by WOC

For those who are ready to let go and stay healthy EVEN if this pandemic scares them!

I'm Ready to Heal!

Heal Through Meditation: A Covid-19 Meditation Package by WOC

 For those who are ready to let go and stay healthy EVEN if this pandemic scares them!

Dear Womxn of Color,  

There are so many challenges surfacing with Covid-19 and the effects of shelter-in-place, but this unprecedented time also bears within it a gift! Take a moment to meditate and let the gift reveal itself to you! Trust me, you deserve it!

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This Meditation Package Includes a Meditation: 

To Decrease Grocery Shopping Anxiety

To Heal From Physical Ailments

For Grief and Loss

To Stay Healthy

For Abundance

To Send Love to Someone Who is Ill

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Who Created the Meditations?

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Meditation to Decrease Grocery Shopping Anxiety was created by Adelina Tancioco of Surrendered Healing with music by Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com. Adelina Tancioco, MSW, is trained as a therapist, restorative justice practitioner, and certified coach & consultant, however, she most identifies with being a vessel of healing. As the founder of Surrendered Healing, she specializes in serving Womxn of Color who question their inherent deserving and helps them trust their higher selves to create the abundant lives they truly deserve!


Meditation to Heal From Physical Ailments was created by Denise Michelle of Bridge The Love. Denise Michelle is a Certified Transformational Life Coach, Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist, Think and Grow Rich Instructor, and Self-Love Expert with a background in the healing arts and spiritual entrepreneurship. She dedicates her deep connection with spirit and leading with Love to help people on their path to greatness.


Meditation for Grief and Loss was created by Claudia Morales of Social Justice Healing. Claudia holds a license in clinical social work, and provides Mental Health Therapy, Art Therapy, EMDR, Restorative Justice, and mental health workshops throughout California. She is also inspired by the ongoing community organizing of creative people and social justice workers all over the world who work to reimagine more just, creative, and compassionate communities.

Meditation to Stay Healthy was created by Krystle Liggins of Vivacious Radiance Consulting. Krystle has lead transformation sessions, programs, and workshops for healing work in inner-city schools, corporate organizations, medical institutions, and recovery homes for veterans and survivors of human trafficking. In the midst of COVID-19 national quarantine, Krystle has been exploring the South African humanitarian way of being "ubuntu," meaning "I am because you are" and " I am fine today if you are fine today". She entertains us being vital together, radiating truth and the light of life embracing CommUnity, flow, and self-care.


Meditation for Abundance was created by Sherry Asuncion Matthews of Resilient Health. Sherry's purpose is to help others discover their own healing gifts so that they have the ability to love and heal themselves, eventually emanating that energy back out to others.


Meditation to Send Love to Someone Who is ill was created by Candice Shibata of the Buddhist Church of Florin. Candice followed her heart in pursuing a career where she could assist and support others, and obtained her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. In 2015 she began a new chapter as a Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Minister.